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Meet Donna P


She found a new life and career

When Donna P. says she appreciates her apartment, she speaks with the hard wisdom of one who knows what living without a home is like.“I was homeless for a little bit,” she explained.
She didn’t start out homeless – in fact, she was doing quite well until events brought her world crashing down.
Originally from Chicago, Donna came to Georgia with her fiancé, full of optimism and big plans for herself and her four children. The relationship didn’t work out, though, and her financial worries soon mounted. For a time, she was able to maintain.
“Then I just couldn’t afford the apartment,” she said. So she and her family were evicted and lived wherever they could. A local minister brought Donna to the GHA to apply for an apartment. She qualified, and she and her kids moved in three years ago. “I take it as a blessing, because not everybody can have a place of their own,” she said. “And churches come around and help a lot; they don’t have to do all they do.” Donna’s advice for facing crisis: “Trust and rely on God and know when he hands you help.”
Today, Donna and her family enjoy the security of their GHA apartment. “I don’t have to worry about being evicted or having enough money to live on,” she said. 
She also began a new career while living in the GHA: a career as a writer. She has written five books, with three awaiting publication, and two available on online bookstores such as Amazon. According to her Amazon biography, Donna attended Robert Morris College in Chicago, where she has received her B.B.A. Degree in business administrative. She also founded Out of The Rain Inc. which is committed to helping young girls and women to become women of purpose through Christ.
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