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Meet Margie S

Ah, peace and quiet at last…

Originally from Lawrenceville, Margie S. came to live with us about one year ago after a topsy-turvy stay in a cramped and loud apartment building. She hadn’t planned on being in the apartment in the first place; she had been happily living with her mother in public housing in a neighboring county just prior to moving to the apartment, she said.

Sadly, her mother passed away, and complications arose over her remaining in their public housing unit. A former fast food worker who is now disabled, Margie had little choice but to take whatever housing she could find – which turned out to be the aforementioned cramped, loud apartment.

Luckily, she applied to the GHA and was accepted. Today, she enjoys her new apartment. “It’s better here and it’s real quiet and I like it. Everybody seems friendly,” she said.

Margie has a daughter who works for a cosmetic surgeon in Statesboro, as well as a sister who lives nearby. She also has a granddaughter that she loves to see. She plans on an especially quiet and relaxed Christmas this year with her dog – although she probably won’t stay indoors all day. “I like to get out and walk a lot.”
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