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Meet Francis L


“I’m doing fine”

Frances L, 83, pauses at the breezeway of her apartment entry, reflecting on past times. “We used to have a lot of good times, back when Momma and Daddy was still living,” she said. “We lived over at the river, before the lake (Lake Lanier) came and took it.”

Frances has known much loss in her life: she lost her husband and two children, in addition to her parents and other relatives. Still, she has little use for being sad or dwelling on hard times. Instead, she counts her blessings every day, and focuses on things that fill her with joy. “I praise the Lord. I’ve got my life set on the Bible,” she said.

She was born in Forsyth County and spent her working life in the poultry industry. “I’ve worked in every chicken plant in Gainesville,” she said. Frances came to the GHA to live when she ran out of other options following the death of her husband. Prior to living in the GHA, she and her husband were living in a leaky roofed, upstairs apartment until her husband, who was injured, could no longer climb the stairs. To make matters worse, the water from the faucets had become muddy from the well.

The family desperately needed housing so they applied at the GHA. Today, Frances lives independently with us, with the help of her family who helps her with meals and doctor appointments. Frances dotes over her children and grandchildren, many of whom drop by to visit often. “I love my kids,” she said. “I’m doing fine.”
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