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Meet Ebony and Keldric


“Everybody looks out for one another"

When Gainesville High School graduates and siblings Keldric and Ebony H. moved into the Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA) in 2006, it was a bittersweet homecoming. As kids in the 1990s, they had lived here as their mother worked to support the family. “Mom could get back and forth to work and save a little money,” Ebony said.

Later, Keldric got a job in the meat processing industry and they rented their own place and looked after their mother, who, by then had become ill.

Then, in 2006, their lives were shattered. Their mother died, and Keldric was disabled from an accident on his job. “It was crazy that year,” Ebony said.

That same year, Keldric and Ebony returned to the GHA to regroup in the wake of disaster. “They worked with us on rent,” said Ebony, “and in return, we did community service.” The siblings did whatever was asked – picking up trash at the apartments and even volunteering for groups such as Good News at Noon.

Today, Ebony works at a restaurant, and Keldric helps out around the GHA computer lab. They still dream of getting a place of their own again one day.

But for now, they are enjoying their home in Melrose Apartments. "It's friendly, everybody stays to themselves and its quiet,” Keldric said. “It’s a good place for kids,” Ebony said, “Everybody looks out for one another."
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