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PNP murals celebrate Pearl Nix community

The traffic barrier wall at Melrose Apartments is bursting to life as an artistic canvas stretching almost 1,000 feet along Pearl Nix Parkway. The wall is getting a facelift – inside and out!

So, what gives?

The City of Gainesville and the Gainesville Housing Authority have taken up the ol' paintbrush and paint and are making the wall something beautiful and inspiring for the public housing folks - and the entire community.

The offices of the City of Gainesville are providing the effort to complete the exterior wall (the traffic side) with a beautiful nature/aquatic-themed abstract pattern that reflects other Gainesville markings and signage, based upon the idea of 'highlands and islands.'

Led by Regina Dyer, the wall is shaping up fast and will be a jewel for years to come.

Likewise, the inside of the traffic wall is being freshened up, too. With one mural (2017, UNG students led Melrose kids in painting the mural) complete, the second mural will 'appear' over the next two weeks. This mural, too, was designed by GHA public housing kids and led by Jananne Waller. Read more>>

Together, we celebrate the Pearl Nix Parway corridor and its families and businesses as a tremendous asset to the Gainesville community!

Thanks to all of the great artists taking part in these projects!

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