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Happening now! GHA renovations begin!

A visitor to Melrose Apartments might notice fencing installed around the E and F building — and on the soccer field, and around the shop and community center. They might also hear hammering and drilling as crews remove old apartment appliances, cabinets and other fixtures. 

That's because in a few weeks, these apartment interiors will be completely transformed into state-of-the-art, beautiful units with energy efficient appliances, new flooring, kitchen and bathroom counters, wall treatments, central HVAC and more. 

Also, the exteriors of the buildings will be freshened up and stylish, enhancing the existing brick exteriors. New landscaping will create a more natural setting, encouraging our residents to relax and 'smell the roses'. 

Additionally, a new community center and shop will emerge as soccer fields and playground areas are enhanced.

The E and F buildings are the first to be renovated in Melrose, and other buildings will follow. Here is a look at the order of buildings to be renovated in Melrose.

Order of Melrose buildings to renovate

In addition to Melrose Apartments, five other GHA properties, (totaling 200 units), will be renovated. The renovation and upgrading these units of in GHA’s Melrose, Summit, Rainey, Mill, Butler and Collins also will happen in phases.

• PHASE I - III, Melrose will be renovated – the maintenance shop and community will be completely rebuilt.
• PHASE IV, Summitt and Rainey will be renovated.
• PHASE V, Mill Street will be renovated.
• PHASE VI, Butler and Collins will be renovated.

Complete project projected to be complete by the end of 2020.

Please see these charts – chart 1   and chart 2 and  – for details on when renovations will start and stop at each property.
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