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What is the role of GHA?

GHA is responsible for the management and operation of its local public housing program. On-going functions:
  1. (a) Assure compliance with leases. The lease must be signed by both parties;
    (b) Set other charges (e.g., security deposit, excess utility consumption, and damages to unit);
    (c) Perform periodic reexaminations of the family's income at least once every 12 months;
    (d) Transfer families from one unit to another, in order to correct over/under crowding, repair or renovate a dwelling, or because of a resident's request to be transferred;
    (e) Terminate leases when necessary; and
    (f) maintain the development in a decent, safe, and sanitary condition.
  2. GHA also provides other services, including: homeownership opportunities for qualified families through the City of Gainesville CDBG Program; employment training opportunities through Workforce Investment Act, and other special training and employment programs for residents; and support programs for the elderly through local resources of Legacy Link, Aging Services, Meals on Wheels, Churches and other Community Organizations.
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