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The Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA) has a simple mission – to provide qualified families with safe, decent and affordable housing of the highest quality consistent with available funding.

The structure of GHA is changing in response to both Federal mandates and today's economic realities. While change is not new for this agency, the way GHA responds to challenges is changing because it has to. Tough economic times call for tough decisions, and this agency must step up to the challenge because so many people depend on the delivery of GHA's services.

GHA must become the premier provider of affordable housing in Gainesville – second to none in the public or private arena. To accomplish this feat, we are making several changes.

We are reducing administrative costs to focus on maximizing funding for program delivery. GHA must first work smart, and then work hard. We are establishing performance standards for each staff position that include productivity, work quality and customer service as minimum benchmarks.

Additionally, we are reaching out to our residents and clients, business and political leaders, the public, and other nonprofits who share GHA's goals. We seek partners who share our commitment to the people we serve. Working together we can go beyond what has been done in the past and find unconventional ways to deliver and expand our services.

We must continue to work through our partners in the service sector to help our clients achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence. Successful partnerships will ensure that our public housing residents are provided quality housing while also gaining education and skills to lead to employment and movement from assisted to market-rate housing when affordability exists in the marketplace. No matter how successful we are in developing new housing, it is only through the upward mobility of successful families that we can hope to assist the hundreds of families who walk through our doors each year to be placed on our program’s waiting lists. These same families seek the support of the entire community and we must surround them with the necessary services to foster the message of hope.

Finally, we will enhance our linkages to services for senior residents and those with disabilities to make sure they can live comfortably and successfully in our public housing communities. If we pull together toward these common goals GHA can be an authentic catalyst for improving peoples’ lives. This is what our work must be about and it is not beyond our reach.

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