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Meet William Law


First, he worked here, now he lives here

Gainesville native William Law first came to GHA back when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, in the late 1950s – but he didn’t come here to live. He came to work. “I put in light fixtures, fix stoves when they got bad, plumbing work, changing switches, anything that was needed,” he said. 

William worked in GHA maintenance for 35 years. “I liked it and I just hung in there,” he explained. He kept up with 500 housing units, even answering calls after hours if “somebody got locked out.”

William spent his younger years working farms in Banks County, where he attended school through the ninth grade.  “We grew cotton and corn,” he said.

 In 1993, he retired from GHA and came to live here. Today, he has been living in the same spot for almost three decades. He has seen businesses come and go across the street, and he has outlasted many of them.

William has two grown daughters, and a brother and sister (who also lives in GHA) and they get by to see him at his apartment. More often than not, though, they won’t actually find him in he apartment. Likely, he will be on the porch soaking up the fresh air, or tending his small but vigorous garden of collards and “salat.” William shares his secret for growing: Turn the soil, fertilize with 10-10-10 and toss in a bit of lime.

Nature takes care of the rest.


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