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Deshaun brings the party to Harrison

Deshaun brings the party to Harrison

Hometown hero Deshaun Watson, his family and friends visited ‘815’ Harrison Square on Feb. 21, and celebrated with the community for an afternoon of food, music, clothes donations, exotic sports cars and autographs and selfies with the champ. (see photos at right)

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In case anyone hasn’t heard of Deshaun, we might explain that he is a former resident who has done pretty well in life – he was a first-round NFL Draft quarterback in 2017 who signed with the Houston Texans and he has already set some impressive NFL records. His career at Clemson University is equally legendary, as were his years playing for Gainesville’s Red Elephants.

Deshaun is also legendary for having a heart for people. For instance, he famously donated his very first NFL pay check to three cafeteria employees affected by Hurricane Harvey.

And Deshaun never forgot his old address, '815' Harrison Square. He played his heart out for his family, his friends and his community, and he even marked ‘815’ on his uniform, just to showcase his roots.

Being so busy, Deshaun and his family have not had a chance for a real Sunday visit at Harrison Square.

But they caught up on catching up on Sunday, in a block party where cheers rang from one end of the site to the other as the hero rolled up in his lime green sports car.

The event featured tacos, pizza, burgers and dogs, juice and plenty of laughs and backslapping. The DJ keep the crowd stoked and a yard full of exotic cars like Lamborghinis flashed in the afternoon sun as onlookers strolled past and selected favorites.

The Deshaun Watson Foundation put the fiesta together, along with some help from community supporters such as the Georgia Mountain Food Bank. The Deshaun Watson Foundation is dedicated to education, health, housing and other charitable causes that support families and youth in underserved communities. It was established in 2019.

The foundation also helps provide rent and/or mortgage assistance for families, free college scholarships to deserving students and also supports schools and educational programs benefitting youth. The foundation also helps support families and children confronted with life-changing medical situations and assists them with preventative health, along with other worthy causes.

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