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GHA kids: My Vision of Harmony

Children bring a unique and fresh perspective to issues and situations that sometimes perplex adults.

In that spirit, we asked a few of GHA’s young artists to envision how they would bring harmony into a troubled community, nation and world. In response, these kids ages 8-14 created ideas and images (without guidance or direction, so that the ideas were entirely their own).  We wanted to share them with our GHA family and supporters. (See artwork at right and their comments below)
Maybe someday, one of these children will be elected as a senator or even the president of the U.S. and carry their visions to the world. And if they are, we at the GHA are confident they would make excellent leaders and the world will be a much more harmonious place.
The kids' comments

Harmony isn’t talk, it’s action
“Harmony is not something you are going to say. It is something you are going to create. Now, people are creating racism instead of peace and harmony.”
We need to get along with others
“The way I see harmony is seeing African Americans, Hispanics, whites and all different people with different kind of races getting along with each other.”
Harmony is divine
“With God’s heart there is harmony.”
All on the same team
One young fellow envisions harmony best demonstrated like players on a soccer field. He explained that all of the players all different, yet, all are playing for the same team. The lesson? Pulling together, everyone wins. Pulling apart, no one wins.
We are more than our skin color
“The color of our skin does not define us.
I am black and I matter – I am not a threat
I am white and I matter – not all of us are racists
I am Asian and I matter – I am not a virus
I am Hispanic and I matter – I am not a rapist
I am Muslim and I matter – I am not a terrorist”

Everyone needs the same treatment
“How many people have to fight for their freedom? White people, black people, Hispanic people, and everybody in the world need to be treated equally, not differently.”

We can’t wait
"We are not going to wait until evilness stops by itself, we’re going to make evilness stop by creating justice, and peace in between everybody."

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