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Important Information

Important Information

Maintenance Repair Line and After-Hours Emergency Line: 770-536-1295

GHA Office Hours
• The Pearl Nix Parkway main office at Melrose Apartments is open:

MONDAY (Lunes): 8am-5pm; closed 1pm-2pm for lunch
TUESDAY (Martes): 8am-5pm, closed 1pm-2pm for lunch
WEDNESDAY (Miercoles) : 8am until 12 noon
THURSDAY (Jueves): 8am-5pm; closed 1pm-2pm for lunch
(Also open for til 5:30pm by appointment.)
• Harrison Square Office
Open by appointment only.
Rent Collection
Rent is due on or before the 1st of each month. It is considered delinquent (late) at 3p.m. on the 5th Calendar day of the month, regardless of what day that falls on (even Saturdays/Sundays).
IMPORTANT: If rent is received late, a $25.00 late fee is assessed and your rent payment will not be accepted without this late fee.

Trash Disposal
Dumpster and/or Trash receptacles are made available at each site for use by Residents only. Please put household trash in bags tied securely to put in the dumpsters. Do not leave trash
outside the dumpster or on your porches. IMPORTANT: If any household bags of trash are found left on porches or on the yards beside the porches Trash Fine may apply.

Porches and Parking Lots
You and your visitors are responsible for keeping your area free of litter and debris
and pet waste. You may not store indoor furniture, exercise equipment or motorized riding toys on your porches or in your yards. IMPORTANT: Violators will receive receive a $50.00 fine.

No Parking on the Grass
IMPORTANT: To keep our campuses safe and attractive, we do not allow parking on grass areas. Vehicles found parked on the grass areas of your unit will be fined $80.00.

About Pets
Some types of pets are allowed, but first check with your property case manager to first before you buy or bring one in. IMPORTANT: Pet permits are required and must be posted on exterior front entry. having a pet without a permit can result in a fine of $50. Please see the Pet Policy for more info.

Holding Outdoor Events
If you plan to hold an outdoor event on housing authority property (such as a graduation cookout or a family reunion) please be aware that special permits are required by the city of Gainesville. 

No tent pegs can be driven into the ground for tents, because underground utilities (gas, water and electric) may be severed. Fines may apply.
Residents must provide their own liability insurance for jump houses and slides and are liable for any injuries that occur on their rental equipment.

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