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Avoid porch and yard lease violation fines

Residents are urged to pick up their yards and tidy up the porches, as site inspections are underway for 2019.

In the past couple of weeks, residents have been getting 'warning' tickets regarding their apartment's yard and porches. The warnings are a friendly reminder that often things left on porches are a lease violation – items such as indoor chairs or furniture, appliances, boxes, toys, tools, coolers, sports items, overgrown vegetation and loose or bagged trash. Many of these items will result in a $50 fine.

Patio and yard furniture are OK in the yard and on porches.

Also, parking or operating a vehicle in an undesignated area (on grass or on service roads) can result in a $80 fine.

Additionally, we are reminding GHA residents that they are responsible for the behavior of household members and visitors – any problems, issues or damages incurred is the responsibility of the resident.

Residents will recieve a detailed letter as a reminder, and also a newsletter that highlights some of most common violations.

Also, signs will be placed at the property entrances as a final reminder.

So, avoid these fines by tidying up your porches and yards.
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