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Sign up for the Gainesville Pre-K Lottery

Info from Gainesville City Schools: 
In order to register for the Gainesville City Schools Pre-K program, your child must have been selected through our Georgia Pre-K Lottery Drawing held on February 5, 2020. If your child was not selected in the drawing then you should complete the Wait List Form at the school board office.  Only students who reside within the Gainesville City School District attendance zones are eligible to be added to the wait list for their attendance zone. Once a space becomes available, parents will be notified based on the date of entry on the wait list (Priority order). 

Below is a lottery schedule, and locations of key events. (Contact info can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Read more about the lottery, in English and Spanish


Pre-K Lottery Sign-Up

January 13th –January31st

(*Lottery Applications will not be accepted after January 31st).

GCSS School Board Office Only

Pre-K Drawing

February 5, 2020

School Board Office

Parent Notification of Selection for Registration

February 6-7, 2020

All School Parent Liaisons

Pre-K Registration (*students must have been selected from the lottery to receive a registration packet).

Feb. 10th – Feb. 21st

*at schools

Feb. 24th- Apr. 3rd

*at School Board Office

All Elementary Schools

(*parents MUST register at attendance zone school only).

Waiting List Sign Up (*must be a city resident in order to sign up for waiting list).

Begins February 10, 2020

School Board Office Only


For more information on the Gainesville City Schools Pre-K Program, please contact: Dept. of Early Care and Learning@ 770-536-5275 ext. 5167

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