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Update 2021

Update 2021

Moving ahead with confidence

The big challenge in public housing today lies not only in housing and helping our residents succeed, but also in creating innovative ways to rebuild or renovate older properties and to maintain them thereafter. 

Additionally, the affordable housing shortage in Gainesville has sent rental costs through the roof, leaving lower-income folks very few options for housing.

Fortunately, our staff and board crafted a strategic plan a few years ago to address these issues; it has proven soild, even during these times. 
First, we diversified expansion opportunities through public/private partnering, completely rebuilding the aging Green Hunter Homes (Atlanta Street Apts.) in 2018 and launching it as Walton Summit.

As of the end of 2020, we completed renovation of 200 units, as MIdtown Villages, spread across six campuses, includng a new community center, pavilion and many other ammenities. Remarkably, this large scale project was completed on schedule, even while following stringent safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, we implemented a bold initiative (Public Art in Public/Affordable Housing) that brings public sculptures, art displays and enriched arts programming to inspire our community and to foster a 'culture of creativity' among residents of all ages, especially students. 

Most recently, we demolished the Tower Heights campus to greatly increase affordable housing on that site, to be named Walton Harbor.

In sum, we’ve accomplished many large goals this past year – in spite of stressful times.  And with a dedicated board and staff and so many great residents, we are increasingly optimistic about our community's future.

So let's move forward, with confidence, together.

Beth Brown
Executive Director
Gainesville Housing Authority

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