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The Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA) has a simple mission – to provide qualified families with safe, decent and affordable housing of the highest quality consistent with available funding. Today, public housing authorities face challenges in meeting this mission as federal budgets remain insufficient, aging properties have unmet capital needs and waiting lists grow.

Additionally, affordable housing in Gainesville is scarce, driving up rental costs and creating a housing crisis within our community.

In response, the GHA board and staff developed a strategic plan to counter these issues. First, we diversified expansion opportunities through public/private partnering. Second, we are upgrading existing housing stock to remain market competitive. Third, we expanded community partnering in resident programming. We also rebranded our public image as a leader in affordable housing.

In a short time, we’ve accomplished many goals using this strategic plan – and we’ve broken new ground, notably evident in the beautiful Walton Summit Apartments. Expect to see more growth like this in the future!

Building on the sturdy foundation of the past, the diligence of the present and the vision of the future, GHA is poised to be the premiere provider of safe, affordable housing in Gainesville. We will continue to partner with private enterprises to expand our housing stock, to offer resident service with programming that helps breaks the cycle of poverty, and continue to rebrand and upgrade the image of public housing.

First and foremost, we will serve the citizens of our area by providing an affordable, fair living environment that breeds a culture of success through education, new opportunities and community cooperation.

Watch us grow!


Beth Brown
Executive Director
Gainesville Housing Authority     

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